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Wendy’s has its customer survey like some other food chains like Taco Bell, McDonald’s, KFC, Kroger, and Burger King. It looks daunting at first to take up the TalkToWendys survey and rate & answer their questionnaire, but trust me, it’s so easy.

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All you have to do is to give honest feedback to their service and in return, you will get rewards. Taking up talktowendys or wendyswantstoknow won’t take more than five minutes. So, just grab your device, visit their official website and take part in their official survey.

Things You’ll Need to Take Up Talktowendys Survey

Here are some points you need to keep in mind while taking up wendyswantstoknow or talktowendys customer survey.

  • Legit receipt of your last visit to Wendy’s restaurant.
  • The applicant’s age should at least be 18.
  • There are three language options for you. English, French, and Spanish. That said, you must be able to understand one of them.
  • The receipt should not be older than one week.
  • You cannot participate with multiple entries. Once the results are out of the draw you participated in, you can join another Wendy’s customer survey.

What Are The Steps To Take Up Talktowendys Survey?

There is nothing more to worry about this. The steps are very easy to follow. If you have any questions about it please let us know in the comment section at the end of the article.

  1. Fetch your smart device on which you want to take up the survey and answer the questionnaire. Make sure that it has a secure and fast internet connection.
  2. Open Chrome, Mozilla, or Safari browser and visit Wendy’s customer survey website at
  3. When you reach to their homepage find the blank space to fill this information. restaurant No., and Date & Time of your visit to that restaurant. You can easily find these details on your receipt.
    TalkToWendys Survey
  4. You can also switch the language here on the homepage.
  5. When you enter the survey, you will be prompted with some questions which you need to answer. There will be some easy questions like rating their different services food, etc.
  6. Keep going until the last question of the questionnaire. The only key to standing a chance to win the rewards is you be honest. Randomly filled answers are of no use to them and they take care of this kind of problem very well.
  7. Hit the Finish button and then note down any survey code if any code is flashed on your screen. If you won anything, Wendy’ will contact you. 

This is how you are supposed to take up Talktowendys or Wendyswantstoknow Customer Survey. If you still have questions or issues regarding your orders and rewards, please let us know in the comment section below.


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